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We all need a little bit of help sometimes.  You might find something on this page that will make your job a little bit easier. Work smarter, not harder. And, you don't have to spend a bunch to do so. 

We Found These Things To Be Useful For Support Coordinators & Providers.

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Computer Programs, Just For Providers.
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This one is FREE!!

Do you find yourself typing the same thing over and over again?  I do.  So much of what we write is repetitive.

I found a program that organizes your frequently used text phrases and allows you to paste them into any application.  That means that you can type a paragraph, and then with just a couple of mouse clicks, drag it into the document you are composing.  There is no need to open folders or documents, it's all in one place.  The program is Phrase Express and it's free for personal use!  You can save thousands of sentences or paragraphs and label them- to quickly find, and use in seconds.

Phrase Express Website

Cute Reminder

Let's face it, support coordinators have a lot to remember.  People to call, support plans to write, home visits to do, faxes to send, service authorizations to correct- must I go on? 

I found a program called Cute Reminder, that is really helpful. 

- Create desktop sticky notes

- Set up non-annoying "pop up" reminders

- Manage your ideas with just one or two mouse clicks

I have it on my computer.  When someone calls me and gives me a task to do, I simply click the reminder button, type in the task, and click on the time I want the reminder to pop up.  If the reminder pops up, and I'm still to busy to complete the task, I simply hit the "postpone" button.  

You get a 30 day free trial.  After that, you pay a one time fee of 29.95 if you decide to keep using it. 


Has your cell phone bill gotten out of control?  You might want to look into Metro PCS's plans.  They start at just $30 dollars per month for unlimited local calling.  The most expensive plan is $45 per month.  The best part is that everything is prepaid, so you CAN'T go over your minutes. Also, there are no contracts, so you can cancel anytime. 

Even if the Metro PCS plan doesn't meet your own needs, it might be something your consumers would be able to afford.  If you're interested in a Metro Plan, click on the link below, type in your zip code, and then click "other carriers" to see all the  plans in your area.  If your lucky, Metro will be listed.

Computer Help - Donation Coder Will Answer Your Compute Questions For Free.

If you need any help with computer or internet questions, try Donation Coder.  They have a great forum and will answer your questions within hours.  I posted a question there once, and got 20 responses in one day, all very helpful.  It is run by some college kids who write their own programs.  They taught me how to take screen shots of my computer.

Prints Made Easy

A great place to get custom business cards, at a great price.

Need Help with tracking Mileage?

Need Help with tracking Mileage?  BizMile has a great online program to help you track miles.  You can even recreate a year's worth of mileage all at once. 

"No More Paper Logs!"

In an average of 30 minutes at tax time, you will have your mileage deductions for the year...because BizMile Tracker is simple to use.